About The Free Talk
The Free Talk is a place for people to share their thoughts on any topic without prejudice. No shadow banning, no interference from global monopolies. Be yourself and enjoy the freedom of speech.

For too long now, the United States big tech has owned the internet. We live in a world that allows monopoly companies, including big pharma, to dictate what we can post on the internet and what is deemed as truth or misinformation. Everybody should be entitled to express their opinions and enjoy freedom of speech. Many Twitter / Facebook accounts are banned on an hourly basis due to a user having an opinion or sharing truthful information on platforms. Anything that goes against the agenda is always deemed as misinformation and thus censored.

People are waking up, people are pissed off and people need somewhere that will not restrict their opinions or spreading of the truth. The Free Talk will never shadow ban any account, will never remove content unless it is deemed pornographic or inciting violence or terrorism. The Free Talk is a place that allows everybody to have an opinion and share their opinions and thoughts with other members without prejudice.

The Free Talk is a website owned by a British musician / web developer, an ordinary bloke who has had many Twitter suspensions and a permanent Facebook ban. Not a fan of American big tech, governments, the WEF, The WHO or any foreign elites trying to dictate to the world on how we should live. If you are in this bracket, had enough or just want a place to talk and share things with friends and family or meet new people, The Free Talk could be something you will enjoy and find useful.

Please note you must be 18 years of age or older to register for The Free Talk.